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Body by Craig

Meet Body By Craig

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Body by Craig pioneered live, remote, one-on-one training directly with each competitor regardless of location or competition. Our brand is well known for our relentless focus on both optimum and sustainable RESULTS. 


We partner directly with our clients as they define and pursue their own “crowns” both on stage and in their lives beyond. 


Body by Craig has trained multiple state and national title holders in various systems including USA and Universe, United States, USOA, America, and Volunteer America. We are a Pageant Planet TOY three-peat. 


Today Body by Craig is the proud owner and founder of @5starfuel, a proprietary triple-threat formula providing immunity support, superior hydration, and 5 grams of ketone energy per serving and is the best tasting hydration solution on the market.


Body by Craig is also an equally proud Ambassador for @do.not.age in London, a research organization that is the “Tesla” of smart supplements known for its 21st Century cellular energy refurbishment molecules NMN and TMG, among others. Use discount code bodybycraig for 10% off. 


Craig is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Rhodes College who dropped out of a combined Master’s program at Harvard Law, Harvard Business and the Fletcher School to take a job with a prestigious management consulting firm in Boston, eventually moving to New York as Managing Director of new product development, national brand management and sales distribution for a top Wall St. investment firm. He has two gorgeous daughters Camille and Lillie who have grown to have successful lives and careers in their own right. 


Visit @bodybycraig on Instagram to check out all our posts, real client testimonials, and new reels! And please check out too. 

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