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Motivational Speaking

Following a top career as a business development manager on Wall Street, Craig decided to combine his proven expertise in complex problem-solving with his lifelong passion for training to build a unique private training and coaching service for pageant stage competitors called Body By Craig.

A huge part of Craig's work is motivational, inspiring young women to overcome the obstacles they face so they can maximize their 5-star potential both in and out of the gym. Body By Craig has helped competitors confront and overcome tough personal situations and even traumas such physical and sexual abuse while remaining focused and motivated on the road to their crowns. 

To share his powerful motivational message outside the Body By Craig client base, Craig has decided to launch a motivational speaking tour in 2020 for all those interested in hearing his unique hard-won perspectives on the following:

Being Coachable and Investing in Yourself

Success Through Self-Mastery

Developing Your Competitive Character

Self-Improvement vs. Self-Promotion

Overcoming Adversity and Defeat

Beating the FOMO Challenge

Your Past Doesn't Define Who You Are

Aftermath: Overcoming PCSS (Post Competition Stress Syndrome)


While Craig's work is focused on young women, his motivational message is appropriate and inspiring for all seeking to succeed in competitions or just life in general.


Please contact Craig if you're interested in booking him for your next group gathering.


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